Vacuum Bagging Materials

Vacuum bagging process, also just known as ‘bag moulding’ is a process where the laminate is enclosed in an airtight bag and a vacuum is drawn from the inside of the bagged enclosure. Atmospheric pressure on the outside then presses the bag or vacuum membrane uniformly against the wet lay-up or pre-preg. Atmospheric pressure is equal in all directions, so the part enclosed in the bag is pressed or squashed equally from the top, bottom and sides. The level of vacuum drawn will depend on the desired result wanted. Atmospheric pressure, at sea level, at 23°C is equal to 1 Bar pressure. (1 Bar pressure = 10,000 kg force per square metre). Should more than 1 Bar pressure be required (typically when processing pre-pregs), the mould with the vacuum bag in place, is placed in an autoclave, and then more pressure and heat is applied. Many applications only require a partial vacuum, then the level of vacuum should be controlled via the vacuum pump or by other means. We at Aerontec will be glad to assist you with the correct materials for your particular application.

September 14, 2009

Vacuum Leak Detectors

There are two types of leak detectors that are available. One is a simple visual indicator, and the other is an ultrasonic noise detector that is […]