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September 29, 2016
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October 21, 2016
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Surfboard – DIY kit

1 x 4 oz (124 gsm) Fibreglass

4 oz (200 gsm) Fibreglass comes in 25", 27", or 30" wide and is sold per linear metre.

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1 x Entropy SuperSap Laminating Resin System

SUPER SAP® CLR SYSTEM is composed of Super Sap® CLR Epoxy, a modified, clear liquid epoxy resin, with three hardener speeds, Super Sap® CLF (FAST) Hardener and Super Sap® CLS (SLOW) Hardener and our new surfboard specific laminating system Super Sap® CLX (EXTRA FAST) Hardener. As opposed to traditional epoxies that are composed primarily of petroleum-based materials, Super Sap® formulations contain biobased renewable materials sourced as co-products or from waste streams of other industrial processes, such as wood pulp and bio-fuels production. These natural components have excellent elongation and exceptionally high adhesion properties. SUPER SAP® CLR System is a water clear, UV stabilized epoxy system for applications that require a low color, low yellowing epoxy resin, such as for surfboard lamination and coating. It has an ideal viscosity for a wide range of applications that use hand layup techniques with fast room temperature cures. SUPER SAP® CLR System is sold per kg.

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1 x Suncure

Suncure is a UV curing additive powder for Polyester resin. Suncure is sold per g.

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1 x Plastic Mixing Measuring Cups

Large calibrated plastic mixing / measuring cups are sold per cup.

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1 x Wooden Mixing Sticks

Boxes  of 100 wooden disposable mixing Sticks, ideal for mixing resins, gelcoats and other liquids are available.

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1 x Acetone – Pure

This solvent is primarily used for the cleaning of equipment used in the epoxy and polyester (Composite & GRP) markets.  Acetone is available in 25 litre drums and 5 or 1 litre bottles.

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1 x Latex Gloves

Gloves, protective clothing, and eye protection may frequently be required, especially when working with resins, curing agents, and solvents.  Our disposable latex gloves offer protection to such a user. Latex Gloves are sold per box (100 per box).

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The surfboard kit can be created either with 4 oz (124 gsm) Fibreglass, or 6 0z (200gsm) Glass Fabric, or Aerialite Surfboard Fabrics.

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