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Divinycell HT

High-temperature resistant core suitable for pre-preg; commonly used in private aircraft.  Divinycell HT is good environmental selection due to its excellent strength-to-weight ratio and high performance over time. It is suitable for structural designs in aircraft applications and is available with full production traceability. Divinycell HT is suitable for pre-pregs processing as well as resin systems […]

Divinycell F

FST core specifically developed for use in aircraft interiors and non-structural parts in commercial aircraft.  Divinycell F is a recyclable/reprocessable PES (Polyethersulfone)core specifically developed for aircraft interiors. F is an excellent substitute for honeycombs, and decreases the weight an d costs aircraft interiors.

Divinycell P

PET core; used in transportation, construction and wind industries.  Divinycell P is a recyclable, structural PET core material well-suited for land, transportation and construction applications. Divinycell P also has excellent fire, smoke and toxicity performance and is apt for high-temperature processes.

Divinycell H and HP

Excellent strength to weight; used in multiple industries including wind and marine.  Divinycell H and Hp are structural, all-purpose grades with excellent strength-to-weight performance and a wide range of mechanical properties. Theya re also good environmental selections with high performance over time. Divinycell H is compatible with most wer resin systems. Divinycell HP is a […]

Divinycell Matrix

Superior strength to weight; used in multiple industries, including wind and marine.  The Matrix Series is the latest addition to the Divinycell family and is our most iterated product. Following out concept of Focused Performance, Divinycell Matrix is a structural, all-purpose grade delivering relevant mechanical properties at the lowest possible weight.  Matrix complements Divinycell H […]

General Plastics added to our portfolio

For 70 years, General Plastics has developed and manufactured high-density polyurethane foam products, including LAST-A-FOAM®, complex laminates and build-to-print composite parts. Our specialty is developing unique product applications, and meeting stringent OEM standards and timelines for the aerospace, construction, marine, nuclear, tooling and other high-performance industries. Turn to the company where great ideas take shape.

Aerontec Featured in Engineering News

Composite materials supplier Aerontec aims to make inroads into the local civil engineering sector, says technical sales representative Lawrie Droomer. He adds that this was brought about in response to an increase in the demand for composites within the civil engineering sector during the past year. “We have noticed a growing demand for composites in […]