DIAB Core Infusion

DIAB Core Infusion is based on using an integral part of the sandwich composite – the core – as the transfer medium.

This is achieved by matching the core surface to produce a series of carefully positioned grooves to facilitate resin distribution. As a result the need for a sacrificial distribution net or mat (as is the case with some other infusion systems) is completely eliminated togther eith the requirement for peel ply  and release film.

The first stage of the process is to apply the gel coat in a conventional way. If desired a skin coat (a relatively thin layer of surface mats) can be applied and then cured in order to enhance the surface finish. Next dry structural reinforcements for the outer skin are positioned in the mold. Then the pre-cut and shaped DIAB infusion Core is placed into the mold and the inner skin dry reinforcements laid up.

The next stage is to install the resin feeder lines followed by the vacuum line. Finally the vacuum bag is installed and sealed along the edge of the mold flange. The vacuum is then applied and the resin inlet valve is opened to allow the infusion process to begin.