Divinycell H and HP

Excellent strength to weight; used in multiple industries including wind and marine. 

Divinycell H and Hp are structural, all-purpose grades with excellent strength-to-weight performance and a wide range of mechanical properties. Theya re also good environmental selections with high performance over time. Divinycell H is compatible with most wer resin systems. Divinycell HP is a high-temperture resistant and suitable for most per-pregs.

Further, with its low thermal conductivity, Divinycell H is especially suitable as insulation for low and cryogenic temperatures. Resistance to hydrocarbons makes it the perfect material for LNG storage insulation. A special grade, Divinycell CY, is approved as rigid insulation for the GTT (Gaztransport & Technigaz) NO69 design, both as an insulating supporting type.