200 gsm Twill 3K Carbon

Twill weave fabric at the 200gsm weight is the most commonly used carbon fabric of all.   In this pattern the weft goes over two intersecting warps and then under two (hence 2/2) to create a woven fabric with a predominantly diagonal pattern to it.   It is suitable for use in wet-lay, vacuum bagging and resin infusion manufacture as well as for use as a single surface layer where parts are being made to look like carbon fibre (skinning).

200 gsm Twill Weave 3K is sold per square metre in 1m, 1.2m and 1.27 meter widths.

Also available in a stabilized version with 6 gsm thermoplastic mesh supporting the weave pattern from misalignment, which can be a requirement for cosmetic applications and skinning.

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