Peeltex RT-PET Peelply

Polyester peelply with red tracer is available in various width tapes up to 1m wide. Red tracer yarns readily identify that the peelply is still on the component surface. Suitable for all commonly used resin systems as well as phenolic resin systems, as it is resistant to phenols. 


Peelply is applied to the surface of a composite layup before curing. During the curing process, the peelply is embedded into the surface of the composite, absorbing excess resin and creating a smooth, consistent surface finish. After the composite is cured, the peelply can be easily removed, leaving a clean surface without any release agents or residue and eliminating the need for additional surface preparation, such as sanding or grinding. Peelply can be used to protect the surface of the cured part until it requires further processing. In resin infusion, peelply allows clean removal of the flow mesh and it is used as a resin-break near the vacuum line.