Pro-bond 300 Slow-set Adhesive

ProBond 300 (37/44) is a high performance, slow setting, epoxy adhesive system for bonding, filling and grouting. ProBond 300 is a two part, solvent free, slightly thixotropic, epoxy system. This system provides a unique combination of good mechanical properties, good impact resistance, and is non-toxic when fully cured. It can be filled with certain fillers to increase viscosity, or to make a grouting material. The nature of the product and the filler used makes this suitable for bonding phenolic, polyester and epoxy based composites with various other materials, and all common building materials like wood, concrete and steels, excepting certain plastics like polyethylenes, nylons and PTFE based polymers.
ProBond 300 is sold in 3litre kits.