Pro-bond GP-S Epoxy Adhesive

ProBond GP-S is a high performance epoxy adhesive system for bonding, filling and grouting. ProBond GP-S is a two part, solvent free, thixotropic, amino-polyamide cured epoxy. This system provides a unique combination of good mechanical properties, good impact resistance, and is non-toxic when fully cured. It can be filled with certain fillers to increase viscosity, or to make a grouting material. Part B is approved under FDA paragraphs 175.300 (b)(3)(viii) and 176.170 (b)(1) as an epoxy curing agent with approved materials, and in keeping with good manufacturing practice.
Used in secondary bonding of items in the wind energy, yacht building, general composites, sporting goods, moulds, tools, and civil engineering.
ProBond GP-S is sold in 1 or 2litre kits.