Pro-fair Epoxy Fairing Compound

Profair is a 2 part, thixotropic, easily sand-able, lightweight epoxy compound based on a modified aliphatic amine-cured epoxy resin and light weight fillers and formulated for ambient and elevated temperature curing. It can be used as a fairing compound, an adhesive, a tooling paste, an edge filling compound for honeycomb, and for fillets. Typical applications are for marine, buoyancy, and most composite applications. This compound will also work with most other materials, except certain plastics and certain types of steels (eg. SS-316). Very good water and chemical resistance when fully cured. Good thermal shock, impact and heat distortion properties. Good Tg after post cure. Solvent free and inert fillers.
Profair is sold in 1.25 or 5litre kits.