Sicomin Surf Clear Evo Epoxy Bio-based System

Sicomin Surf Clear EVO epoxy system is specially formulated for the manufacturing of surf boards. The Surf Clear EVO is suitable for hand lay up of glass, carbon, aramid, natural and synthetic fibres. Surf Clear EVO is compatible with all commercial foams: polystyrene, polyurethane, cross-linked & linear PVC foams and others. Surf Clear EVO is compatible with all typical fillers used in the surf industry.

Sicomin offers the Optical Highlighter (OH) additive to mix with the Surf Clear EVO to improve the light radiance of the laminates when applied on top of white PS or PU foams. Note that when used with non-white backgrounds, the OH additive can modify the colour perception (creating a blue effect with carbon or pink effect with wood or linen fabrics).

Surf Clear Evo Data Sheet

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