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Silicone and Casting Systems

1 x RTV Silicone Pro/Mould 30

RTV Pro-Mould 30 is a two part, room temperature curing silicone rubber and is based on condensation curing (Tin Cure). Pro-Mould 30 has excellent tear resistance and has low linear shrinkage. Pro-Mould 30 is typically used for mould making, and has good fluidity and easy to demould. It has good mechanical properties with good tensile and tear strength. RTV-Thixo can be added for brush-on applications. Mixed silicone will be a light purple colour. RTV Pro-Mould 30 is sold per kg.

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1 x Camattini PC26/G226

PC26/G226 Polyurethane casting system is a two component odourless system. The working time allows to realize parts of medium-large size. Further casting can be made by successive application on the previous gelled layer (within 10 mins). The greater the filler loading, the lower the shrinkage. Medium-fast curing. Fillers can be added depending on the application and on the required thickness. Very high quality of reproduction. Low exothermic peak. Low shrinkage. used for matrices, foundry patterns, casted handworks. High toughness. Pilot moulds for vacuum forming moulds. PC26/G226 is sold per kg.

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1 x Epoxy Pigments

Epoxy Pigments are epoxy based  pigments for the use of colouring epoxy resins and adhesives.  The carrier is a normal epoxy base with an EEW of 190.  Pigments can be mixed into the epoxy resin before blending with the hardener / activator, or it can be blended in after the hardener / activator has been added.  Due to the small amount of epoxy resin in the paste, it does not normally change the mix ratio of the system. Colour Pigments Pastes are sold per kg.

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1 x Aluminium Powder

Aluminium Powder (Type 2022) is a metal filler sold per kg.

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1 x Plastic Mixing Measuring Cups

Large calibrated plastic mixing / measuring cups are sold per cup.

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1 x Acetone Pure

This solvent is primarily used for the cleaning of equipment used in the epoxy and polyester (Composite & GRP) markets.  Acetone is available in 25 litre drums and 5 or 1 litre bottles.

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1 x Latex Gloves

Gloves, protective clothing, and eye protection may frequently be required, especially when working with resins, curing agents, and solvents.  Our disposable latex gloves offer protection to such a user. Latex Gloves are sold per box (100 per box).

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The silicone and casting systems can be used from various materials, please see the list below and contact us for more details if you have any questions and need help.

Silicone and Casting Systems product list:

RTV Silicone Pro/Mould 30
Camattini PC26/G226 or Entropy SuperSap Casting Resin System or Epo-Clear 100
Epoxy Pigments
Aluminium Powder or Bronze Powder Filler or Copper Powder or Zinc Powder Filler
Plastic Mixing Measuring Cups
Wooden Mixing Sticks
Acetone – Pure
Latex Gloves