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October 21, 2016
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Vacuum Infusion Resin Systems

1 x 200 gsm Plain or Twill Weave, Loose Weave Fibreglass

200 gsm Plain or Twill Weave, Loose Weave Fibreglass is 1.3m wide and is sold per square metre.

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1 x Matrix 90 Epoxy Gelcoat

Matrix 90 gelcoat is a solvent free, high build, epoxy gelcoat or coating system with exceptionally high chemical resistance and low vapour transmission properties and good abrasion resistance. Matrix 90 is sold per kg.

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1 x Mikon R-52 Mould Cleaner

Cleaner Mikon® R-52 is a solvent-based 'heavy duty' cleaner to clean moulds of all industrially used materials such as like steel, aluminum, polyester, epoxy resins or glass fibre reinforced plastics. Cleaner Mikon® R-52 shows excellent results, even at room temperature and dissolves residues of rubber, plastics, resins and additives (ex. oils, waxes). Mikon® R-52 Cleaner is sold per litre.

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1 x Mikon 699MC Sealer

Sealer Mikon® 699 MC is a solvent-based easy-to-use high-tech mould sealer. Sealer Mikon® 699 MC has specifically been developed for the purpose of sealing off previously cleaned moulds prior to using them in the production line. The active ingredients contained in Sealer Mikon® 699 MC help specifically sealing porous mould surfaces. Sealer Mikon® 699 is sold per litre.

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1 x Mikon 705MC Release Agent

Release Agent Mikon® 705 MC is a semi-permanent mould release agent. It is easy to use and has been developed to make the use of waxes unnecessary. This particular product renders constant wax and polishing cycles unnecessary, since Release Agent Mikon® 705 MC's release film adheres very well to the mould’s surface. Post processing, such as gluing or vanishing can be done without further treatments to the casting, since there is no transfer of Release Agent Mikon® 705 MC to the moulded parts. Release Agent Mikon® 705 MC creates high gloss finished surfaces and minimizes release agent residues in the mould. Mikon® 705 MC is sold per litre.

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1 x Plastic Mixing Measuring Cups

Large calibrated plastic mixing / measuring cups are sold per cup.

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1 x Wooden Mixing Sticks

Boxes  of 100 wooden disposable mixing Sticks, ideal for mixing resins, gelcoats and other liquids are available.

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1 x Acetone Pure

This solvent is primarily used for the cleaning of equipment used in the epoxy and polyester (Composite & GRP) markets.  Acetone is available in 25 litre drums and 5 or 1 litre bottles.

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1 x Latex Gloves

Gloves, protective clothing, and eye protection may frequently be required, especially when working with resins, curing agents, and solvents.  Our disposable latex gloves offer protection to such a user. Latex Gloves are sold per box (100 per box).

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1 x AR600 & AH2338 Slow Epoxy Resin System

Epoxy resin AR 600 with hardener AH 2338 is a high performance epoxy resin system for performance composite parts designed for wet lay-up, vacuum bagging, filament winding and resin-infusion. AR 600 is a low viscosity epoxy resin produced from bisphenol A/F and epichlorohydrin, and contains a proportion of CARDURA E10P (glycidyl ester of neodecanoic acid) as a reactive diluent; AH 2338 is a polyamine hardener system. This system provides a unique combination of good mechanical properties and thermal properties. It is especially useful in high performance composite parts where fibre to resin ratio’s are important. AR600 & AH2338 is sold per kg.

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1 x VBST Grey Sealant Tape

VBST Grey Sealant Tape is for use up to 90 degrees Celsius and is sold per 15 m per roll.

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1 x Flashbreaker 1 Blue

Flashbreaker 1 Blue is available in  1/2 ", 1" or 2" width and is sold per roll (66m/roll).

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1 x Infusion Mesh

Resin infusion mesh (type G) is 1200 mm wide and is sold per linear metre.

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1 x PE Vacuum Tubing

PE Vacuum Tubing is available in  8/10 mm  and 10/12 mm and is sold per metre.

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1 x Infusion Connectors

Black T, L and other connectors are available and are sold individually.

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1 x Airtac 2 (Spray adhesive for Composites)

AIRTAC 2 is a spray rubber adhesive designed for temporary bonds in the composites & aircraft industry. This pressure sensitive spray adhesive is suitable for temporary holding or positioning most lightweight materials including fibreglass, carbon fibre, aramid fibre, peelply, pre-pregs, breather, paper, release films and foils. This product is ideally suited for tool shop applications such as temporary placement of details and pattern fabrication.  SCRIMP and VARTM processes rely on AIRTAC 2 for holding plies in place until resin infusion is completed. Airtac 2 "E" adhesive spray is sold per tin.

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1 x Peeltex RT-PET Peelply

Polyester Peelply – 85gsm with red tracer is available in 1m wide. Polyester peelply fabric sold per square metre.

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1 x Vacuum Bag Film VBF120M

Nylon, green, multi-layer vacuum bagging film, 75micron, available in 1.2m wide up to 10m wide, use up to 120 deg. C. Sold per square metre.

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Vacuum Infusion Resin Systems requires the following products:
200 gsm Plain or Twill Weave, Loose Weave Fibreglass or 410 or 450 gsm +/- 45 Biaxial Fibreglass (Type “S”) or 600 gsm Biaxial Fibreglass +/- 45 or Quadraxial Fibreglass Fabrics
AR600 & AH2338 Slow Epoxy Resin System or AR600 + AH2336 Heat Assisted Epoxy Resin System or Entropy SuperSap Laminating Resin System
Maricell Mycell or Lycell PVC Foam Core
VBST Grey Sealant Tape
Flashbreaker 1 Blue or Flashbreaker Tape Green
Infusion Mesh
PE Vacuum Tubing
Airtac 2 (Spray adhesive for Composites)
Polyester Peelply
Bagging Film VBF120M or Bagging Film VBF170M
Matrix 90 Epoxy Gelcoat or Matrix 140 Epoxy Gelcoat
Mikon R-52 Mould Cleaner
Mikon 699MC Sealer
Mikon 705MC Release Agent
Plastic Mixing Measuring Cups
Wooden Mixing Sticks
Acetone – Pure
Latex Gloves