Syntactic Foam

The word “syntactic” simply means that the foam is made by mixing micro balloons, ceramic spheres, or other lightweight aggregate, with a resin system. This results in the density of the material before cure being the same as the density after cure. This is different from most other foams, which are expanded during cure to make the final density much lower than the density of the mixed resin system just prior to the expansion, or “blowing”, which takes place as cure proceeds.

These materials may be made by the builder by mixing Q-cells or other micro-spheres with the resin being used, or may be purchased already mixed with a one-part resin system.

A word of caution: Some of the micro balloons are provided with a surface finish, just as in fibres, and this finish may only be compatible with a single resin system. Be sure the material you are using is intended for use with the resin system with which you are mixing it. Using the wrong resin system will result in very low strength of the final product.

We can supply pre-mixed syntactic foam or the base products that can be custom mixed by the client.