Mikon 705MC Release Agent

Release Agent Mikon® 705 MC is a semi-permanent, solvent-based mould release agent. It is easy to use and has been developed to make the use of waxes unnecessary. This particular product renders constant wax and polishing cycles unnecessary, since Release Agent Mikon® 705 MC’s release film adheres very well to the mould’s surface. Post processing, such as glueing or vanishing can be done without further treatments to the casting, since there is no transfer of Release Agent Mikon® 705 MC to the moulded parts. Release Agent Mikon® 705 MC creates high gloss finished surfaces and minimizes release agent residues in the mould.
Mikon® 705 MC is applied to surfaces previously sealed with Mikon 699 sealer.
Mikon® 705 MC is sold per litre.