Raku Tool WB Series tooling Board

RAKU TOOL Working Boards (WB) combine the ultimate in quality with outstanding mechanical properties. The blue and green coloured rectangular boards – made of epoxy or polyurethane can be bonded in various shapes and sizes. Working Boards are produced in densities ranging from 0.69 to 1.7 g/cm3, boast excellent dimensional stability, and enable quick and easy machining.
The portfolio includes two epoxy board materials, WB-0691 and WB-0700, which are mainly used as lay-up tools for advanced composites and as thermoforming tools in the plastics industry.
Applications include metal forming, hammer forms, foundry patterns, molds, checking fixtures, jigs, lay-up tools and thermoforming tools. Aerontec stock the WB-0691 high heat resistance epoxy board with dimensions 1500mm x 500mm in 50mm and 100mm thickness.