Sicomin PB Epoxy Foam

The Sicomin PB Epoxy Foam products are 2 component epoxy foaming formulations developed for “in situ” low-density epoxy foam production. Foam final density depends only on the choice of the resin, varying from 170, 250, 400 and 600 kg/m3. These systems are white but can be coloured by adding epoxy compatible pigments. PB 170 and PB 250 provide approximately 170 and 250 kg/m3 foams. The hardener has only an influence on the curing time and thus the potential thickness of the one shot cast part. The foam mix evolves in two separate steps:

1. Fast expansion of the casting.
2. Slow hardening of the mass.

Sicomin PB Epoxy Foam Data Sheet

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