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Aramid Fibres

Aromatic polyamides (polyparaphenylene terephthalamide) as reinforcing fibres are characterised by very high tensile strength and modulus, low density and good heat resistance. In composite form they outperform glass fibres on these properties when compared on an equal volume-fraction-of-reinforcement basis. Compressive strength, however, is much lower for aramid reinforced composites. Machining (sawing, drilling, grinding) of aramid […]

Fibreglass (glass fibres)

The name “glass” refers to a group of materials which are basically undercooled liquids. Glass consists of various oxides which melt to form eutectics. When the molten glass is quickly cooled to room temperature it will turn into a clear rigid solid. This glassy state, unlike the solid state and the fluid state is not […]