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Vacuum Bagging Films

These films are traditionally made from “nylon” and or nylon derivatives. Temperature capabilities vary from as low as 80°C to as high as 425°C. Certain types of resin systems, like phenolics, could have a negative effect on nylon films. If using phenolic resin systems, choose bagging films that are compatible with the resin system. There […]

Breather / Bleeder Fabrics

Breather fabrics are normally a type of uncompressed felt, also called spun-bonded, needled felt. Various types and thicknesses are available depending on the temperature, pressure and resin type. The breather aids in removing air and volatiles from the laminate, and transports them across the surface to the vacuum port, as well as allowing the vacuum […]

Vacuum Valves and Vacuum Lines / Pipes

As with the vacuum film itself, there are many variations and careful consideration is required when choosing the correct equipment. Autoclave heat and pressure will collapse a pipe that is not constructed from the correct materials, as will normal vacuum at room temperature collapse an unsuitable one. Most vacuum pipes have a wire spiral either […]